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For craft breweries, beer is our passion.  Beer is an art that brings people together; and that’s exactly what happened when the founders of Kenai River Brewing Company met in 2001.  Doug Hogue, a teacher at the time, along with his wife Amy, met Wendell and Wendi Dutcher, and John and Naomi Weetman who bonded over their love for home brewing.  These brewers wanted to share their passion with the community and in 2006 opened the Kenai River Brewing Company. 

Twelve years later and Kenai River Company has grown into the business that you see now adding a new canning system, expanded into a new facility, and restaurant. The craft beer culture and enthusiasm on the Kenai Peninsula has enabled the brewery to grow; providing countless ways for the brewery to be involved and support community organizations and events.

Being a brewer is more than just a job now; it’s a passion and a lifestyle.  We take pride in what we do and love helping build the community where we at KRBC raise our families. 


Join us at Kenai River Brewing Company and Let beer bring people together and share in our passion. 

About Us

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