We have 20 beers on tap

Here are a few of our standards

Stop in to see what specialty ales are on tap

Honeymoon Hefe

Light and refreshing.  Made wheat and pilsner malt for a crisp ale.

Naptown Nut Brown

A nut brown brewed with an ample supply of toasted pecans added to the mash.

Peninsula Brewer’s Reserve

A blonde ale, Alaska’s “PBR”. 

Arctic XPA

An American-Style Pale Ale with an extra hop kick! 

Breakfast Beer

Oatmeal, milk, and grains, the perfect way to end (or start) your day.

Skilak Scottish

A Scottish ale with a light smokey finish.  Malty, smooth, and slightly sweet.

Sunken Island IPA

A very balanced traditional English IPA - with an American finish.

Grateful Red

A deep red ale showcasing a malty balance with a light hop profile

Gummi Bear

A clear & crisp Belgian Tripel crafted with over 7,200 Gummi Bears!

Moose Gallop Ale

A crisp, clean Ale waiting for you at the end of the trail. Brewed to support Tsalteshi Trails!!


    Stop in to see what specialty ales we have on tap.