We have 20 beers on Tap

Here are a few of our standards

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Honeymoon Hefe

A true marriage between German and American styles.  Light and refreshingly made with 45% wheat malt, then cleanly fermented to yield a crisp, almost pilsner-like beer that is refreshing, somewhat fruity, and ideal for a summer's afternoon.

Naptown Nut Brown

A “nut” brown in the literal sense – with an ample supply of toasted pecans added to the mash during the brew!  Plenty of malt and roasted grains hit the palate with a hint of chocolate and coffee backed up with a nice hop bitterness.  

Peninsula Brewer’s Reserve

A light, straw-colored ale.  A fresh, clean aroma with very subtle hops.  Crisp in the taste with a slight fruitiness.  Finished dry and refreshing. 

Pillars Pale Ale

Easy drinking with a creamy white head and light golden color.  Hoppy aroma, first sip tasting fruity hops and a little crystal malt.  Finish with fruit and malt.

Arctic XPA

A American-Style Pale Ale with an extra hop kick!  A crisp, quenching ale with hints of grapefruit in the bitterness.  A little malted Oat added to the mix to lend a nice texture and balance to all that hoppy goodness!

Breakfast Beer

Oatmeal, milk, and grains, the perfect way to end (or start) your day.

Skilak Scottish

Pours with a light beige head on a dark amber beer.  Aroma is of smooth malt along with a smoky background leading to a mouthful of deep, roasted malt flavor.  Ends long and smooth with a sweet malt aftertaste.

Sunken Island IPA

An off-white head sits atop an attractive amber beer.  The aroma is a complex mix of hops and malt with traces of yeast.  Assertively spicy hops balanced by a rich malty profile will entice the pallet.  The finish is long with a lingering hop bitterness.

Single Hop IPA Series

We start with a base of pale malt, a little crystal malt, and a touch of wheat.  We then hop with a single variety of hop during the entire brew length.


    Stop in to see what specialty ales we have on tap.